About me

Niloufar Mehboudi

I was born on the 28th of March, 1990 in Shiraz, the city of famous shirazi poet: Hafez. Like most children, I liked painting as well, but I always dreamed about being a teacher like my mother. My first painting was the picture of some elephants on the cover of my painting book. Since my mother noticed my interest in painting, she sent me to a painting class. I began painting with black and white drawing. When I was in highschool, there was a painting exhibition in one of the parks in Shiraz and I also exhibited some of my paintings there. Since it was my first exhibition, my mother bought all of my paintings.

Despite my strong interest in painting, my family insisted me on studying mathematics as my major in highschool and I got my diploma in math, but in pre-university, I changed my major to art to prepare myself for Konkour (The Iranian University Entrance Exam). Luckily, I was accepted in Shiraz Azad University and I passionately started my undergraduate studies in painting which was in 9 semesters. At university, I got a chance to study art history and get to know Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Lucian Freud and other famous artists. On Average, I did paint and draw for 5 hours a day. With lots of perseverance and passion, I could make a good progress in this field. By looking at different angles to my surroundings and finding light and shade, I no longer had any concern on choosing my painting subjects. I owe this to my visiting professor Mr. Jahangir from Tehran at that time and I had the honor of being his student since the second semester. 

Portrait and figure drawing were the hardest to practise because we needed to be familiar with body organs, muscles, skeleton and the formation of light and shades on the body, which required studying medical anatomy books. To be more acquainted, I got a skull and could draw better faces, although I still needed to practice more in this area. I asked my friends and family to be my painting models. I copied older artists’ works like Rembrandt, Cézanne and Van Gogh and studied the works of contemporary artists like Gerhard Richter and Odd Nerdrum.

When the colour workshops started to take on a new and more professional aspects, I decided to work more serious and finish at least one or two colour works per week. Meanwhile, painting canvas price had raised, so, I decided to make my own canvas to keep up with my intention.
I used to buy wood, sawed them and made my canvas with fustian cloth that I punched on the frame. Then primed and made it ready to paint. Little by little, I came up with different primed color canvas like ochre and made canvas for my classmates as well. To make more canvas, I needed help and again my mother came in handy. I made sketch books too. I purchased loads of 100×70 paper and big modeling cardboards for cover and cut into various sizes. 

“I can’t” and “impossible” are meaningless to me. I “want” so I “endeavor” to get the best result.